Talking Frank

A podcast covering every nook and cranny of Australia’s sex life. Listen now!


The Talking Frank podcast covers every nook and cranny of Australia’s sex life.

From hook-ups and relationships, to sex toys, consent, STIs and more. Join host Rowdie Walden for the real-talk sex talk, as he chats with experts and friends to break down stigma around all things sex.

Despite being a safe and fun way to learn about your body and what feels good, only one in four people with vulvas masturbate regularly, which is only half the rate of people with penises.
How do you take care of your sex toys? Can solo sex actually help partnered sex? What does mutual masturbation even mean? What's all the fuss about lube? Let’s get frank.
Almost 2 million Australian adults have experienced sexual assault since the age of 15. Yet, with sexual assault figures so high, especially among women, consent is only now being included in school curriculums.
What does consent really mean? Does the absence of ‘no’ make it a ‘yes’? What body language should you be looking out for? Are you ever able to not consent? How can you make consent sexy? Let's get frank.
Roughly 90,000 people in Australia are diagnosed with Chlamydia each year and around two-thirds of these are young people under the age of 30.
What does STI even stand for? How often should you test? What should you actually expect when getting a sexual health check? Let's get frank.
The terms ‘unhealthy relationships’ and ‘red flags’ are often thrown around, but what do they actually mean? How do you know if it’s your relationship, and what can you do?
How can you tell if your relationship is unhealthy? What are the red flags? What do you do if you notice the warning signs? How can communication help improve relationships? Who can help? Let’s get frank.
It’s been reported that men think about sex 19 times a day. Beyond the act itself, these thoughts could include anything from the stress of keeping up with peers to penis size, or worries about lumps and bumps.
Do guys feel more pressure to be sexually active? Does your penis look normal? Is premature ejaculation actually common? How important is hygiene? Let’s get frank.
Did you know how you feel about your body and your genitals can affect your sexual confidence and sexual satisfaction?
What’s actually ‘normal’ for your body? Do my boobs look good? What should a vulva look like? Should you be stressed over penis size? What should you do with pubic hair? Let’s get frank.


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