5 essential items to take on a date

1. Phone

Your phone, it may seem obvious as it likely doesn’t often leave your side, but date night is not the night to forget it. Make sure it’s well charged before heading off to meet your ‘next potential’ so you can be sure to contact them if you’re running a little late, or to help them find where you’re seated in the restaurant. Your phone is also essential for if the date goes badly and you need to contact someone for an escape plan.

2. Cash

Whether or not you have preconceived ideas about who should pay or splitting the bill, make sure you have enough cash on you to cover your meal, drinks, entry to bars, ubers etc. and if you’re paying by card, make sure there’s enough money on it beforehand! There’s nothing worse than asking a date you’re trying to impress (or even a date you’ve realised you’re not that into) if you can borrow some cash #cringe.

3. ID card

There’s nothing more awkward than asking you’re date if you can buy them a drink to discover you get barred from the bar for not having your ID.

4. Mints

When you like someone and it’s early days, it’s only natural to be conscious about making a good impression for that first kiss. Popping a mint before leaning in can help ensure you won’t regret that garlic from dinner.

5. Condoms

If the date is going well and things get hot and heavy you’ll regret not popping some of these babies in your bag/pocket/wallet. Condoms, they’re so conveniently small and oh so convenient for protecting you against STIs when hooking up – make them a date night essential item asap! We all know Carry from Sex and the City wouldn’t go anywhere without them, and she isn’t ashamed of it.


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