Four tips to turn a first date into a second one

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips to ensure you and your date have a good time!

1. Be decisive

Whatever you are going to do, be it dinner, drinks, coffee, or stand up paddle boarding, being decisive and confident ensures smooth sailing. No one likes being asked out only to again be asked where they want to go, what type of food they like to eat, and what time they want to meet. That’s not to say you should dictate by any stretch of the imagination, but have an idea in mind and put it to your date as a suggestive question: “Why don’t we meet at The Winery at 9pm on Thursday?”

2. Focus

Having a fully charged phone with you on a first date is always a good idea; you never know when you’ll need to phone a friend. But having it with you doesn’t mean you have to be constantly scrolling through Insta or Tindr while your date sits opposite. Practice the art of the conversation (and no, texting doesn’t count). A back and forth exchange of interests, travel and life between two people on a first date can reveal what you have in common and spark a fire that could carry over to a second date. Who knew that paying attention could be so sexy!

3. Be prepared

Condoms are a date night essential! If you have managed to keep the conversation going for the whole date, you might be ready to take it to the next level.  And that is definitely something to talk about. It’s not a big deal if you or your date is not ready! It’s absolutely okay to wait until you both are. But if you think that sex is something that could happen, it’s always a good idea to think ahead. You won’t regret having some condoms on hand. If you’re hooking up, condoms are the best way to protect you and partner against STIs during sex. Dams or condoms can also be used during oral sex. So take stock before you leave the house. If the date ends up in bed, condoms, a decent non-oil based lube, and fresh bed linen won’t go astray.

4. Lock it down

If you like your date, you’ve had a good time, and you’d like to see them again, then lock the next meeting down before you part ways. None of this ‘I can’t text for three days’ rubbish. You’ll head home from the date happy knowing the next one is just around the corner.


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