6 things you might want to take on your next date

Don’t be caught unaware – here are our suggestions of 6 things it might be a good idea to take with you on your next dating-app date.

1. An open mind

Many of us have come to rely on dating apps but they can only reveal so much about a person. You could arrive and realise your dream date doesn’t quite live up to their profile picture. We’re not saying this isn’t right –perhaps they should have updated that 8 year old photo – but they could actually be pretty awesome. Give them a chance – what have you got to lose?

2. A full battery

It’s impossible to know how or when, the date will end.  Make sure your phone is fully charged before heading out and try not to drain it completely on the way to the date.

3. A sense of humour

Sometimes a date doesn’t go to plan. If the steakhouse you picked doesn’t agree with their vegan sensibilities or a clumsy waiter pours red wine all over you, try to stay relaxed. Show off your sense of humour and just laugh it off.  At the very least, you’ll have a story to tell at work the next day.

4. Protection

You don’t have to be a boy scout or girl guide to know you should always prepared. If you both end up interested in continuing the date somewhere more private, make sure you have a condom or two on hand. Just like ever-prepared Carrie Bradshaw did in Sex and the City the first time she met Mr Big.

5. Cash

You may be expecting your date to pay, but they could be expecting to split the bill – and that’s so much easier to do with cash. The alternative is exchanging bank details, and isn’t that just a little bit awkward?

6. An excuse to leave

Forget about setting up an emergency phone call – it’s known around the world that they’re fake. While you’re in the planning stage, it’s better to let them know you’d love to go out on a specific night, even though you “probably can’t guarantee a late one as I’ve got an early work meeting to get to the next morning”. Then if it’s going horribly, you can skip out on the excuse that you’ve just got a few more things to finalise before the next day’s meeting. If it’s going well, a late night can’t hurt too much can it?


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