Want Free Condoms?

Are you under 30 and live in NSW? Did you know you can now get FREE condoms delivered in the post?

Freedom Condom is a program that provides young people in NSW with:

  • a packet of 12 condoms,
  • 4 sachets of water-based lube,
  • sexual health information

All sent for FREE in the post! You can also come back for more every 2 weeks! 

Don’t worry the packaging is very discreet and no one will know what is inside 😉 

Check to see if your postcode is eligible for free condoms here

All you will need to do to get free condoms is complete a quick sexual heath learning exercise, register for an account and place your order. Simple! Both latex and non-latex condoms are available, just click what you need. 

If your area isn’t eligible just yet, please be patient with us as we roll this out across NSW. In the meantime, see our map of Freedom Condom providers across the state where you can walk in and ask for free condoms whenever you need!

Why should you use a condom? 

Condoms are the BEST way to protect yourself from catching an STI. 

Why does this matter? 

Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis infections are pretty common and are they increasing across NSW. Anyone taking part in sexual activity (oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex) and even just skin to skin contact of the genitals is at risk of getting or spreading an STI. Why does this matter? STIs can cause infertility (not being able to have a baby) and pain that can’t go away if they are left untreated. 

Think you might be at risk? 

Visit here to find an STI testing clinic near you. It’s recommended to have an STI test every 6 months even if you don’t have symptoms. 


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