Here’s why you need to start using lube

It’s the most underrated addition to sex.

Lube, not the first thing to come to mind when most of us think about a romantic evening or any physical relationship come to think of it, but lube is possibly the easiest addition to any sexual act and one that is bound to increase both your partner’s and your own pleasure.

The benefits of using this slippery liquid in your sex routine are plentiful and this applies across the board, from vaginal, anal, masturbation, and manual (fingering/hand jobs) it is the gift that keeps on giving. Various US studies over the past few years have found that just using lube makes it up to 50% easier to orgasm for everyone. Not to mention if you are accommodating a larger manhood or toy a little lube can go a long way to making it a more pleasurable experience.

Speaking of pleasure, it’s unfortunately not uncommon for a person to want to forgo the condom as it “reduces his pleasure” (this isn’t a particularly compelling reason considering the risk of STIs). Throw a little lube into the mix and not only should the pleasure for both of you go up no matter what you are doing, but the slicker ride can make it feel like there is nothing there at all.

Fooling around with a partner or just by yourself, lube is great for pretty much all sexual activities. It’s also great when trying new things which may require a bit more of a warm up or if your body doesn’t quite produce enough lubrication itself. Not only does every body produce different levels of arousal fluid but different moods or just a hot day can change the situation. Using lube is no different to mixing up positions; it doesn’t have to be used each time but when it is, the result can be very pleasurable.

So now that you’re schooled up on the benefits of using a little liquid gold to spice up your sex life, which ones should you choose? Yes, there are different types of lubrication for different purposes, so you’re going to want to pay attention here. There are three main types:

Water based

If you’re a fan of “au natural” products then you’ll want to look into the water-based products; they’re the least likely to provoke any allergic reactions but there’s a trade-off in that you may need to keep reapplying as they dry up quicker. On the plus side, these formulas can be used in conjunction with condoms and can make having safe sex feel more orgasmic than ever before.

Silicone based

Like super friction-free, smooth as silk sex? Then you’re going to want to look into the silicone-based products, which make each movement like a sexual slip and slide. BUT before you declare these the winner, be careful; some people can be allergic to silicone and having an allergic reaction down there is not pleasant. Also, if you want to use any silicone sex toys you’re going to want to keep them away from this type of lube, as it can erode the coating off your favourite plaything and no one wants that.

Oil based

Lastly there are oil-based liquids. These have a good amount of moisture and slickness, but they should not be used with condoms, as they can weaken and even break them. Also, because of the whole “oil and water don’t mix” thing, oil-based lubrication can be a little harder to wash out of your nether-regions, your hands, or even the sheets.

So how do you use them?

Finding it hard to select which one is right for you? Experts say you should dab a little on your forearm to see if you have a skin reaction before slathering it on your bits (#smart). When you get down to doing the deed, make sure you don’t use too much, or you can have too little friction, which can slow down the journey to O-town.

As a guide, start with about as much as a squirt of toothpaste. Whichever lube you end up choosing, know that you’re going to be doing your sex life a favour.


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