Talking Frank

A podcast covering every nook and cranny of Australia’s sex life. Listen now!


The Talking Frank podcast covers every nook and cranny of Australia’s sex life.

From hook-ups and relationships, to sex toys, consent, STIs and more. Join host Rowdie Walden for the real-talk sex talk, as he chats with experts and friends to break down stigma around all things sex.

Around half of all pregnancies in Australia are unplanned, and it’s estimated that at least 1 in 4 Australian women and people with uteruses will experience an abortion in their lifetime.
What’s the best way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy? Who should you talk to about it? Are there different types of abortions? What are the abortion laws in Australia? How much does it cost? Let's get frank.
There are an estimated 29,000 people living with HIV in Australia, 12% of which are women. Although so many Australians are living with the virus, the stigma towards HIV still exists.
Why is HIV so misunderstood? How can you pass it on? Are there symptoms? Is it treatable? What do PrEP and PEP mean? Can you prevent it? Let’s get frank.
How do we manage all our expectations towards sex? Everything from our emotions, relationships and bodies can influence the way we experience sex.
Is finding pleasure more mental than it is physical? How does pleasure look different to everyone? How can you work consent into finding pleasure? How can you be assertive? Does porn create unrealistic expectations? Let’s get frank.
Have you ever been ghosted? Or maybe not sure about proper in person vs online dating etiquette?
How do you even meet new people? What is dating etiquette? Is sending nudes okay? How do you know if the person you met online is for real? How do you stay safe? Let’s get Frank.


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Frankee addresses those awkward topics about sex, the body and relationships that everyone wants to know about but are too afraid to ask.