Do guys really stress about the size of their package?

We’ve all heard it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it, and part of the fun is in finding out how best we can please our partners. But deep down, do guys really worry about the size of their penis? We took to the streets to find out.

You can’t help but compare!

“As a gay man you always tend to visually compare your body to that of your sexual partners, whether intentionally or purely because you are of the same gender and can see the difference in penis size or shape, etc. I personally like if a penis looks different to mine, whether it’s smaller, larger, a different shape or colour – it makes things more fun.” – Luca, 27

Differences are seen as fun. As long as both parties are feeling good about what they’re doing, right? We asked whether perhaps some guys are made to feel bad unnecessarily, by their own male friends:

We’re conditioned to think size matters

“I know most of my mates don’t really talk about it unless it’s part of some tongue-in-cheek banter. I think we’re conditioned from our teenage years [to think] that penis size matters, but the pressure of measuring up never really comes from our partners … I know I used to feel insecure about the size of my penis but all that has faded since having some really positive sexual experiences.” –  James, 26

Come on guys, how about telling each other that every size is a good size! There’s more to dating and starting a sexual relationship than getting out a measuring stick, like this guy points out:

It’s all about sharing the moment

“I think a male would lie to himself if he said size did not matter. Everyone has body issues; your thighs, flabby stomach, the list goes on. What matters the most is having you, at your most vulnerable both physically and emotionally, accepted by the person you are willing to share that moment with.” – Jon, 26

Body confidence can affect all of us. We’re all different and all the same. Moving on, perhaps we couldn’t have written a blog about penis sizes without this coming up, but in answer to the question as to whether porn has any influence…

Porn changed the game for all of us

“Before the big impact of porn, people would make the odd joke about someone having a small dick or whatever, but when you started seeing people with giant penises more regularly in pornos, people started thinking and comparing a lot more.” – Jay, 30

Here is more evidence that men ‘penis shame’ other men. Thanks pornos. But still, lots of people are content with what they’ve got:

There’s no ‘one size fits all’

“There’s no real ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sexual gratification. I’m pretty happy with my size but in saying that, I think most men, if offered another inch, would probably jump at the opportunity!” – James, 26

Yes, men are sensitive souls

“I don’t think women really care that much… but if a woman started making jokes about it then I would still care a little bit.”  – Andy, 26

So, the word on the street seems to be that sure, guys worry about six-pack, biceps, facial hair, and penis size. But it’s perhaps comforting to know that in 2017, the majority of people still value trust, intimacy and loving consensual sex far more than the size of their or their partner’s body parts.


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